Healthier Living Child Fitness
Skill Awareness and Sports Development

Wednesday and Friday-Stay Safe Anti-Bullying Program
-Monday and Thursday-
-DAILY--Health, Nutrition, and Hygiene
-DAILY-Teaching basic fundamental skills of sports
-DAILY-Team Building Activities/ Interactive Challenges
(Group Talent Show Performance, Dodge Ball, Tug of war, Relay races, sack race, 3 legged race, wheelbarrow race, obstacle courses, Tag games, Bucket Race, etc...)
​- Bi Weekly​- Guest Speakers/ Presenters

- DAILY-Sports (Soccer, Kickball, Football, Basketball)
-DAILY-Aerobics (Yoga/Zumba Fitness and Exercises)
-DAILY-Cardiovascular Strength Building/ Circuit Training
-Weekly​- Endurance Fitness Test
Practical Real World Life Enrichment Tips
Rap Sessions and Kid Rich Classes

-Week 1- 6/20 Goal Setting
-Week 2- 6/26 Presentation/ Self-Image/ Self Esteem Building
-Week 3- 7/3Leadership Development
-Week 4- 7/10 Money Management/ Economics for Kids
-Week 5- 7/17 Public Speaking and Communication
- Week 6-
7/24 Social Media Awareness
-Week 7- 7/31 Time Management/ Organizational Skills
-Week 8- 8/7Proper Etiquette 
- Week 9- 8/14 What Makes You Unique?- Career Week

Week 108/21 Interviewing Preparation/ Resume Building

                            and Back To School Preparation

-DAILY- Skits with Conflict Resolution to formulate real life scenarios (Bullying/ Peer Pressure/ Choices/ Action vs. Reaction)
-Bi Weekly- Guest Speakers/ Presenters

SumNertime provides:

1. Practical Real World 

Life Enrichment Tips

2. Healthier Living

Kid Fitness/ Sports Development

3. Recreational Fun

​Free Play

It's SumNertime!

Kids Fit. Life Enrichment Tips.

Endless Possibilities                      Be the change                       Live What you love

​  A typical Day at sumnertime

​  'Fun' tastic fridays





Recreational Fun 
Field Trips

EVERY TUESDAY movie and Splash Park! $15
Glenn Dale Splash Park, Sports and Learning Complex Aquatics, or Rollingcrest-Chillum

No Splash Park on June 20th. Instead of Tues. July 4th...Wednesday July 5th


   1:30-2:15 Arts and Crafts/ STEAM
   2:15-2:30 DEAR-Drop Everything and Read
   2:30-4:00 Movie/Technology AND Bike/Scooter Time

               TOP 5 WINNERS GETS A PRIZE!

     June 23rd - Crazy Sock and Mix Match Day 
     June 30th - Superhero and Cartoon Character Day
     July 7th - Show and Tell Day- Bring an item
     July 14th - Twin/Triplets Day   
     July 21st- Headwear Day (Hat, Crown, Tiara)
     July 28th- Group Color Day

     Aug. 4th - Pattern Day

                    (Stripes, Camouflage, polka dots, Tie Dye)
     Aug. 11th - Favorite Color Shirt Day
     Aug. 16th - Pajama Day
     Aug. 25th- Sports Theme Day     

               TOP 5 WINNERS GETS A PRIZE!

    7:00-8:00       Before Care


    8:00-8:30      Games and Free Time

    8:30-8:45      Morning Meeting 

                        Theme and Character Values

    8:45-9:45      Team Building Activities

                        Fitness, Exercises, Circuits

    9:45-10:00    Snack 

   10:00-11:00   Creative Life Enrichment Activity 

   11:00-12:00   Fitness/ Zumba/ Karate/ Guest Speaker

   12:00-12:30   Lunch

   12:30-1:30     Games and Free Play

    1:30-2:00      Puzzles/Word Searches/ DEAR/

                          Academic Activities

    2:00-2:30      Character In A Jar (Real Life Scenarios)

    2:30-3:15      Bully Free Zone/ Self Esteem Building

    3:15-3:45      Health & Nutrition Tips

    3:45-4:00      Snack and Review

    4:00-5:30       After Care

 -Thursday/ Friday Trips                

- Week 1- 6/22 Kidzden- $20 (Ultimate Indoor Playground) 

- Week 1- 6/23 Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake and park- $30 (Week 1 $225)

- Week 2- 6/29 Adventure Park USA -$40 (Go Karts, Rock Climbing, Laser Tag, Roller Coasters, Mini Golf, Ropes Course, Arcade, Bumper cars, Bowling, Ropes Course) ($230)

- Week 3- 7/6 Day in Bowie -$30 (Skate Zone-Includes lunch, Go Karting, Allen's Pond) 

-Week 37/7 Hyper Kidz -$20 (Ultimate Indoor Playground) (Week 3 $240)

- Week 4- 7/13 LOL Stations (Laugh Out Loud) -$30 ​(Laser Tag, Skating, Xtreme Trampoline, 360 Tumbler, Bumper Cars, Playground, Carnival Rides) and Fairwood park ($220)

​- Week 5​- 7/20 Pump It Up- $20 (Moon Bounce Fun) and Watkins Park 

- Week 5- 7/21 Get Air Trampoline Park-$30 (Week 5 $240)

- Week 6- 7/27 Hyper Kidz-$20 (Ultimate Indoor Playground) ($210) 

- Week 7- 8/3 Urban Air Trampoline and park-$30 ($220)

Week 8- 8/10 Scramble-$20 (Indoor Play) ($210)

​- Week 9- 8/17 LOL Stations (Laugh Out Loud)-$30 ​(Laser Tag, Skating, Xtreme Trampoline, 360 Tumbler, Bumper Cars, Playground, Carnival Rides) and Fairwood park 

- Week 9- 8/18 Kidzden- $20 (Ultimate Indoor Playground) (Week 9 $240)
Week 10
8/24 ​Get Air Trampoline Park -$30 ($220)